Right now we are looking for people to fill the following contract roles for various fixed term projects. If you think this could be you then get in touch by emailing us at If we think there could be a match we will get in touch and point you to the relevant process for a formal application.

Software Developers

We are seeking developers with either Front End or Back End development skills or indeed a blend of both.

Specific skills will include:

Successful candidates will be experienced working in a cross-disciplinary agile team and have either:

  • Excellent skills in cross-platform HTML 4/5, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX
  • Excellent understanding of modern accessibility and usability techniques

And/ or:

  • Significant recent experience of server-side web development using Ruby and/or Python
  • Experience of high performance database and API design, and
  • Experience of test-driven development and continuous integration
  • Strong track record of application development using modern SQL databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL) and/or schema-less databases (e.g. MongoDB)

Other desirable skills will are:

  • Experience of Responsive Web Design
  • Experience of working with JavaScript libraries to produce data visualizations
  • Experience of building and scaling high-traffic websites
  • Experience of designing and maintaining public HTTP APIs
  • Experience of handling large data sets and scaling their handling and storage
  • Knowledge of content management techniques, workflows, etc

Delivery Managers

We are looking for Delivery managers with a background in working in Agile multidisciplinary teams.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Delivering projects & products using agile project management methodologies (such as Scrum, Kanban), learning & iterating frequently.
  • Working with the Product Manager & Proposition Director to understand the roadmap for a given product and together translating that into requirements (stories) and doing high-level project planning.
  • Leading the collaborative dynamic planning process — balancing the work that needs to be done with the capacity & skills of the team.
  • Matrix-managing a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team (specialists are line managed & developed within their specialisms, but allocated to projects).
  • Defining project needs and feeding these in to the Demand/Supply process; participating in matching decisions (we aim to match project needs with individual development needs wherever possible, to build high performing teams where people are excited about the work they are undertaking)
  • Ensuring all Government Digital Service products are built to an appropriate level of quality for the stage (alpha/beta/production) including managing functionality, usability, performance, scalability, security, resilience.
  • Communicating progress, barriers/constraints and plans to your team, the broader GDS organisation, the PMO and senior management, each at the appropriate level of detail for the audience.
  • Actively participating in the Delivery Manager community within GDS, sharing & reapplying skills and knowledge and bringing in best practice.


Content Designers

We are looking for experienced content designers who understand the web, technology and people. If you want to join us, you’ll need to be able to:

  • take complex language and processes and make them simple to understand
  • work with people who don’t understand good web usability
  • be able to explain your decisions/edits clearly

You may be asked to do a number of different things on a number of projects; this could include any or all of these things:

Needs analysis – You’ll be working on needs analysis – taking existing content, identifying content gaps and overlaps etc. You’ll also need to run workshops with cross-government colleagues to identify and agree content to be rationalised and archived, and mapping content to different formats and audiences.

Transition – This is how we get content from an existing government site to GOV.UK. You’ll need to:

  • develop and manage relationships with government departments
  • help develop transition plans and  attend planning meetings with contacts
  • actively develop and apply content and format strategies
  • be an advocate for GDS to train and develop cross-government colleagues
  • get a  list of URLs and other requirements for the transition and review the quality of data and information submitted

Quality – You’ll need to think about all aspects of the GOV.UK product before working on content.

Specialist skills required

  • extensive experience of writing for the web, with proven ability of creating content that is accessible and usable
  • exceptional skills in convincing people that user needs and a usable approach is the only way to present information
  • proven experience in using metrics and user feedback to define/refine content
  • proven experience of working within a web application development environment, proficient in writing Markdown, picture sourcing and editing
  • experience in choosing the best format for displaying information to the user
  • experience in working with content publishing systems


We require trainers with a background in the delivery of training in digital services and experience in Agile delivery method.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • carrying out performance assessments to determine the skills gaps between current and desirable learner skill levels;
  • designing training programmes appropriate to the skills needed;
  • developing an appropriate mix of formal and informal development activities;
  • ensuring the learning environment and resources support learner needs;
  • designing course materials and other documents such as handouts, manuals and exercises;
  • preparing the learning environment and resources, including setting up IT equipment where appropriate;
  • delivering training programmes in both a formal (e.g. a classroom) or informal (e.g. floor-walking) setting;
  • supporting and coaching learners using learning technologies to deliver skills;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of training programmes and learning outcomes;
  • maintaining appropriate records of learner development and resource allocation.

Transition Managers

We are looking for Transition Managers who will have overall responsibility for managing the transition of multiple Agencies and ALB’s to GOV.UK. Their key responsibilities will be relationships with Agencies and ALBs, undertaking needs analysis and managing the transition of their allocated Agencies and ALBs.

Specific responsibilities will include:

Relationships with Agencies and ALBs

  • Developing and managing relationships with designated Agencies and ALBs
  • Facilitating transition planning meetings with contacts at Agencies and ALBs
  • Developing transition plan for each Agency and ALB
  • Act as a single point of contact for GOV.UK on the transition to GOV.UK

Needs analysis

  • Undertake comprehensive needs analysis for each Agency and ALB
  • Hold needs analysis workshops with key agency & ALB attendees
  • Identify and agree content to be rationalised &  archived
  • Identify and map content to different content and format types and audiences


  • Work with Agencies and ALBs to collate list of URLs and other requirements for the transition
  • Work with Agencies and ALBs on quality review of data and information submitted
  • Support and guide agencies through the transition process
  • Gather information on relevant supplier contacts from each Agency and ALB
  • Build transition plan
  • Monitor & track progress of the transition at every stage
  • Report progress of transitions to central planning hub

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