service assessment

Learning from assessments

We’ve learnt a lot about assessing services over the last few months. James Kemp, acting Service Manager for passport appointment booking at HM Passport Office, attended one of the early assessments and we asked him to write about the experience.

As one of the very first services to go through the assessment process it wasn’t entirely clear what I needed to provide in the way of evidence, or how strongly we would be held to the published criteria.

So, in the run-up to the panel, I read through the Government Service Design Manual (which I strongly recommend) and the 26 service standards making notes against each one on how well I thought we met them and what would demonstrate that. I thought that we managed to meet the vast majority or had action in hand to meet them within a week or two. There were about five that I thought we might struggle with; I hoped that would be sufficient for the service assessment.