Richard Sargeant

Walking the talk in New York

Today is the election for the next Mayor of New York City. Mike Bloomberg cannot stand for a third term, and there are more than a dozen challengers competing to take his place.

Whoever wins, I hope they support the great work that Mike Flowers, Chris Corcoran, Nick O’Brien and their data analytics team have been doing to join up information across the city to improve the way that the city fights fires, reduces crime, and administers child support payments. (more…)

Getting up to Standard

The Government Digital Strategy says that all new or redesigned digital services will meet the Digital by Default Service Standard from April 2014. Before then, GDS is using the standard to support the Cabinet Office spending controls, to deepen knowledge of the standard across government, and to identify areas where we can support departments in building their digital capability.

We’ve now started to carry out assessments against the standard. I want to explain how and why we’re doing these, and how you can request an assessment for your service.

The 26 articles of the Digital by Default Service Standard were published alongside the Government Service Design Manual a few weeks ago. Formal assessments of new and redesigned services against the standard will begin from April 2014, however, it’s important we start using the standard as early as possible. Partly because it gives the teams building services time to get up to speed with the requirements, and also because it will give us feedback that we can use to fine-tune the standard over the course of the year, and improve the guidance we offer through the manual.