Mark Mcleod

Engaging the market

Last week we held our first ‘market engagement’ event for suppliers interested in providing assisted digital support for government services. It was really popular – so much so that we had to open another session so everyone who wanted to could attend. The structure of the event was simple: we gave an introduction to assisted digital, and then departments (Department for Transport, HM Revenue & Customs, Department for Work & Pensions and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) gave an early view of their requirements for assisted digital support (in other words, the types of support they might want to commission from suppliers). The Government Procurement Service (GPS) outlined the current commercial strategy – following on from the publication in May of a Prior Information Notice in the European Journal.

All the materials from the event have now been published. We got some great contributions from the potential suppliers, and we’re really grateful to our colleagues from departments who presented and to the suppliers who came along.

Supporting access to the Digital Strategy

Today we published the Government Approach to Assisted Digital as part of the Government Digital Strategy. Assisted Digital provision is the help and support we will provide so people who can’t use digital services independently can access digital by default services.

Although we co-ordinated publication, the document was developed collaboratively with Digital Leaders, departmental assisted digital leads, and with organisations working with people who are not online. (more…)