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A checklist for digital inclusion – if we do these things, we’re doing digital inclusion

Government Digital Service - Digital Inclusion Checklist

As with most of our work at the Government Digital Service, we release things early for review and comment. The digital inclusion team, set up last year, would like to share and get your feedback on an alpha version of a checklist for digital inclusion.

We first mentioned a set of principles (we’re now calling it a checklist) when we published action 15 of the Government Digital Strategy. Over the last three months, this checklist has been developed in collaboration with partners from across government, private, voluntary and public sectors.


What about people who aren’t online?

‘What about people who aren’t online?’ is a question we’re often asked on the assisted digital team. So we decided to run a workshop at GDS’ Sprint Alpha event on 17th July to answer it.

Assisted digital workshop at Sprint Alpha

Assisted digital workshop at Sprint Alpha

Rebecca Kemp and Richard Smith kicked off the workshop by outlining the two projects GDS and departments are working on together to ensure that people who aren’t online can use digital government services: assisted digital and digital inclusion.


Introducing the new digital inclusion team

We’re setting up a new team to work in government and beyond to increase the digital skills of the UK.

Today the Department for Business Innovation and Skills released the Information Economy Industrial Strategy (IEIS) to boost growth opportunities for digital industries. It includes something I’ve been working on with departments for a few months – setting up a new cross-government team that will be based in GDS to co-ordinate work on digital skills for citizens and businesses. The work of the team will be developed collaboratively with colleagues across government, but I’m writing this post to tell you more about why we’re putting it together and what it will do.

Information Econonomy Strategy screen shot


An introduction to Assisted Digital

There are an estimated 9.2 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet; many of these are among the more vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society including:

  • 31% of those earning less than £10,400 per annum
  • 55% of those who have no qualifications
  • 60% of those aged over 65

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