– Digital Advisory Board profile – Kip Meek

Kip is a founding director of the Communications Chambers, a Senior Adviser to Everything Everywhere and a Director of the Radio Centre.

He was appointed ‘Independent Spectrum Broker’ by the UK government in February 2009 with the objective of facilitating the highly contentious ‘refarming’ process, associated with the 900 MHz spectrum band.

Between 2003 and 2007, Kip was a Board member of Ofcom where he held a variety of responsibilities, including chairing the European Regulators Group. Kip led the negotiations with British Telecom (BT) that lead to the establishment of Openreach, the functionally-separated division of BT. He also ran the Content & Standards group in Ofcom and was heavily involved with the first and second Public Service Broadcasting Reviews.

Before joining Ofcom, he was founder and Managing Director of Spectrum Strategy Consultants (Spectrum). Spectrum provided strategy consulting services to telecoms and media companies, from offices in London, Singapore, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.