– Digital Advisory Board profile – Douglas McCallum

Douglas McCallum has founded, led, invested in and contributed as an executive and non-executive to businesses at the leading-edge intersections of computer hardware (Intel, Apple), retail (eBay UK & Europe, Ocado), broadcasting (Capital Radio online, Boston Cablevision TV), online banking (PayPal) and telecommunications software (Speech Recognition companies Vocalis & Wildfire.)

As Managing Director of eBay, he built Britain’s biggest internet company from 350 thousand customers to 15 million, creating a much-loved national brand, a highly profitable £5bn GMS business and creating/sustaining more than 180 thousand jobs in small British businesses.

Doug was then asked to take on eBay’s then ailing continental European businesses as Senior Vice President of Europe. Defining a radical pricing, product and promotional strategy, he turned around the European business, building it up to £16bn. eBay’s US business then deployed the European turnaround strategy, also with success.

With an 18-year internet career, Doug is acknowledged for his rare & broad expertise in the Digital Economy. An advocate for its tremendous potential for the UK, and of the need to carefully address its adverse issues, Doug has represented his companies and industries to UK & EU senior ministers and is an experienced voice in new economy policy debates.

Doug has a personal passion for the people of business – customers, company team members and the broader Community. He describes his mission as leading changes to and through business which make meaningful positive differences to those people. In 2011, eBay was awarded a UK “Top 10 Great Place to Work.”  Additionally, amongst his proudest achievements to date is the ‘eBay for Charity’ platform he pioneered which has raised over £34 million for UK charities, and is now on a run-rate of ~£10 million per annum.

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