Author: Mike Bracken

GDS goes to Cabinet

This morning I attended the weekly meeting of Cabinet ministers at Number 10. I was there to share more about what we’re up to at GDS – and right across the civil service – to make government services simpler, clearer and faster.

We talked about what GOV.UK has already achieved in just a year, how things like the performance platform and the transformation programme are demonstrating the potential of the single domain.

Most encouraging for me though was hearing from ministers just how strongly the principles behind our work have resonated with them. The questions they asked all came from the perspective of ‘What does this mean for users? How does it meet their needs?’

Starting with the needs of users has led to a radical shift in the way we build and provision government services. That’s a huge thing. It means an end to big IT, it means smarter and cheaper services which meet users needs, and it means digital sitting at the heart of teams all around government. (more…)

This week at GDS

Mike Bracken discusses the launch of the digital services framework, digital capability as part of the Civil Service Reform One Year On report and the SPRINT Alpha event next week. David Rennie from the ID Assurance team visited the Cloud Identity Summit in California, Vernon Everitt and Phil Young from Transport for London came to GDS to discuss open data and John Oates joined the Content Design team.

Full transcript below.

This week at GDS

Highlights: This week the Office of the Public Guardian released a beta for the Lasting Power of Attorney. We attended Civil Service Live and spoke on Digital by Default, G-Cloud and GOV.UK. Mike Bracken met Mark Sedwell the new Home Office permanent secretary and spoke to Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America who is seconded to the White House. Visitors to GDS this week were HMRC, Anne Fenninger from French Government Agency SIG and students from Goldsmiths. Welcome to new starters this week Hadley Beeman, James Duncan and Zaheda Bhorat. Happy birthday to MCO Francis Maude this week and it was the 2 year anniversary of Mike Bracken starting in government. Looking forward to the SPRINT Alpha event and next year which is all about delivery.  (more…)

This week at GDS

Highlights: This week GOV.UK published the government spending round. GDS hosted the monthly meeting of its senior digital leaders, including presentations from Ken McCallum from BIS (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and Ashley Machin who told ‘The Digital Story at Lloyds’. Last week, Mike Bracken visited the eGov forum in Singapore, while this week GDS welcomed visitors from overseas, Sixtine Bouygues and Robert Andrecs from the European Commission, and Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand, Bill English. Next week Ministry of Justice launches its Lasting Power of Attorney beta on GOV.UK and GDS is proud to be hosting a number of sessions at Civil Service Live. (more…)

Advisory group publishes identity assurance principles for consultation

Identity assurance is about providing users with a simple, trusted and secure means of accessing public services, so we are working hard to ensure that privacy is at the heart of the service we will provide to users.

The Identity Assurance Privacy and Consumer Advisory Group (PCAG) was established to help the government develop an approach to identity assurance that, among other things, ensures users are in control of their information, that information is not centralised and that users have a choice of who provides services on their behalf.

Last year we published the first draft of the PCAG’s principles. The principles set out, in detail, how the government’s identity assurance (IDA) approach could be configured to meet the privacy and consumer expectations of its users. The government will continue to work closely with PCAG, our private sector partners and users to explore how these principles can be met in practice.

Today we are publishing an updated version of the PCAG’s principles for further feedback and comment. We will also arrange workshops to discuss the principles and to increase awareness of the important issues they raise and seek to address.