Author: James Forrester

Tackling the Digital Divide

It has been some time since we last blogged about our work relating to Assisted Digital.  While we’ve been quiet, we have been busy working with our stakeholders to develop our thinking about the Assisted Digital (supporting access to Digital by Default services) and Digital Inclusion (tackling the issues that prevent everyone getting online) agendas.  Of course, during this period, work has also continued on tackling the Digital Divide by encouraging people to get online.
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Magnifying glass by Chris Beckett, CC BY-NC-ND

Piloting new ways of measuring digital success

This post was contributed by Joanne Inskip, Senior Customer Insight Manager at the Government Digital Service:


At the start of 2011, the GDS Customer Insight team were given the task of developing a research methodology that could:

  • Measure the performance of digital government services (specifically: task completion rates, time taken, drop out points, user comprehension and satisfaction)
  • Be used on the live services as well as those in development
  • Blend behavioural data with perception data
  • Be rolled out across government to provided consistent measures for digital transactions

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