Author: adgreenway

Talent scouting

Today we published another important update to the Government Service Design Manual to help departments recruit and retain staff with new digital skills. This is one of the services the new GDS Recruitment Hub is offering departments.

Increasingly we need to bring in people with specialist skills that the Civil Service hasn’t been able to call upon before – designers, web ops, product managers, and the like. We’ve created template job descriptions for a set of leadership and specialist roles and we’ve provided organisational design guidance about how people in these roles should work together. We’ve also given advice on salaries. (more…)

Exploring the user needs of technology governance

We’ve been interviewing colleagues across the civil service to establish a clear set of user needs as part of our review of the governance of technology provision in government. We’ve spoken to senior leaders across government – Chief Information Officers, Digital Leaders and colleagues in Cabinet Office – as well as experts outside government. Some common themes are starting to emerge. (more…)

Setting the standard

Last month was a really important one for the Digital by Default Service Standard. We launched our beta for one thing. Just as importantly, the Digital Leaders network – the people responsible for driving the digital agenda across government – agreed to the standard and the governance process for assessing services against it. (more…)

Digital Britain Two

NAO screenshot

Today the National Audit Office (NAO) published their Digital Britain Two report, examining the government’s digital by default strategy. In particular, the report took a close look at the strategy document we published last November, and assessed whether the evidence stacked up for taking the direction we’ve chosen.

The NAO’s views on what we’ve done are important, because they are both independent of government and responsible for checking that it spends public money wisely. Their reports are often very influential. In 2011 they published the Digital Britain One report (PDF, 556kB), which recommended five lessons that informed the newly created Government Digital Service (GDS).


The Digital Efficiency report

One of the best things about well-designed digital services – shopping, banking, booking flights – is how much more efficient they are for users. But an equally big plus of digital is the efficiency benefits for organisations providing those services. And for the government in particular, digital has huge potential to help us provide better services for less money. (more…)