Accessing GOV.UK information for the gaming generation

137,000 visits to GOV.UK came through a PS3!

We love it that you are making GOV.UK work for you. We want the information you need to be easy to find, no matter how you choose to access our digital services.

So, you can imagine how pleased we were to discover that around 137,000 visits to GOV.UK this year were made through a PS3 – it seems that even the draw of the latest game release isn’t enough to keep you from finding the information you need!

However you choose to visit GOV.UK, our  team are here to help – join the conversation on Twitter @GDSteam.


  1. This is really cool Carrie but I wouldn’t count out a lot of the ‘Silver Surfers’ out there who use PS3s…this box provides some Apps, beyond games, that are a good way to stay fit and is being pitched for the living room as well as for the Games Room. I hastened to add that I am not a Silver Surfer…yet!…but know quite a few. :-)

  2. It would be interesting to see the landing/exit pages for that traffic. What do people on a PS3 necessarily need from the government mid game? ;)

  3. It’s interesting to see that games consoles are being used for this sort of thing. Is it possible to share what percentage of total visits this number makes up? I guess it’ll be relatively low but it’d be great to check back in a year and see how things have changed, especially with the release of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

  4. I can’t help but find this funny, as Pete says, it’s good to see them used for something of value! Also what about Xbox?

  5. Agreeing totally with Peter C.. Since December 2013 how many users have been from wii u, xbox 1 and ps4 ? What’s that as a proportion of the total visits?

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