This week at GDS

This week, Mike Beaven, Director of Transformation at GDS, reflects on the first year anniversary of GOV.UK and the progress made on the exemplar transformation programme.

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Hello Mike, how are you doing?

Mike Beaven:
I’m very good, thank you. How are you?

Good, thank you. What are we up to at GDS this week?

A good week, this week. Firstly, it’s the first birthday of GOV.UK, so a year ago this Thursday we launched the site, and it’s been running very well for a year, which is great. If you remember, around the time of launch there was a bit of criticism that we hadn’t done anything around the world of transactions. Coincidentally, we’ve now completed discovery on all 25 of our exemplar transaction projects, so I think that’s a good tie-up, that a year later, not only have we successfully run a publishing site for a year, but we’ve also completed the discovery on all our exemplar work, and we’ve also got three of them live in the public domain as well.

There’s other news from the Transformation team this week as well.

Yes, we’ve managed to get the Lasting Power of Attorney application tool, which people may remember went live at the beginning of July, that’s now been instrumented, I think is the term the team use; and it’s now available through the dashboard on the performance platform, so you can look at the performance of that transaction: how many people are using it, how quickly they’re using it, and how they’re finding it works. That’s really good to have that out there in the public domain, so people can see how we’re doing.

We’ve got one big visit planned later this week?

We have, yes. We have a visit from the European Commission, so Andrea Reichel is coming in to visit the IDA team to look at the work that they’re doing in the whole identity space.

As ever, we’ve got some new starters to say hello to.

Yes, a couple of new starters, both coincidentally in the transformation teams. Mary Martin and Tony Haberfield have both joined the central project team there. Mary’s looking at all the work we’re doing across Home Office, and Tony’s looking at how we can manage project governance better with Agile and standard projects, which sounds a thrilling topic.

That’s terrific. Until next time.

Thank you very much.

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