A quick tour of Inside Government

Today we released Inside Government, bringing together all the corporate and policy information of 2 ministerial departments (out of a total 24) and 3 smaller public bodies (out of the hundreds of agencies and other bodies who will later be joining the site).

Here’s a quick video to explain what Inside Government is all about.

You can find this video, along with some more information, at www.gov.uk/tour

The new URLs for the 5 organisations are:

www.gov.uk/dclg – Department for Communities and Local Government
www.gov.uk/dft – Department for Transport
www.gov.uk/dsa – Driving Standards Agency
www.gov.uk/brac – Building Regulations Advisory Committee
www.gov.uk/pins – The Planning Inspectorate

Roll credits

Inside Government was built by GDS, but it’s the people in the 5 departments and agencies who deserve most of the credit for today’s launch.

We are hugely grateful to the following people for their hard work, pragmatism, broad shoulders and the trust they have placed in us. Thanks for being the first and helping us learn.

Department for Communities and Local Government

Lauren McAllister
Howard Gossington
Simon Ricketts
Graham Noad

Department for Transport

Sioned James
Gavin Dispain
Luke Vincent
Gwen Cheeseman
Hayley Ward
Dave Stiffell
Tommy Baines
Philip Goodyear
Margaret O’Mahony
Matt Redmond

Driving Standards Agency

John Ploughman
Doug Swain

Special thanks also to Tim Stamp and his team in DFT and James Denman in DCLG for helping us refine our approach to publishing government statistics.

Inside Government in blog posts

Here’s a roundup of posts on this blog and press releases which tell the Inside Government story so far…

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When we were young

Government policy – a spotters’ guide

The vision for corporate websites in the single domain (with early wireframes)

Government corporate websites in eye-popping 3D

Why do people need government department websites?


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