1. An interesting read and I’m quite impressed that you’ve been given the freedom to make mistakes and so publicly. I wonder if we’ll ever see that freedom extended across Government? I somehow doubt it, fear (often justified, often not) of the ‘Daily Mail’ factor constrains those with the authority to give the freedoms; breaking those constraints is going to be a tough battle.

  2. I have seen a number of local authorities attempt to ‘digitally engage’ with young people through facebook & Twitter where they are basically just sign-posting to a corporate webpage with a dull e-form survey embedded somewhere at the end of a multi-click rainbow. Painful to see and unsurprisingly unsuccessful in terms of driving volume or quality of engagement.

    On the other hand, Oldham Council (just round the corner from you I think @Louise?) deployed their well-designed ‘Growing Up in Oldham’ survey using cloud software that was used on PCs, laptops, whiteboards, etc in classrooms & IT suites in schools across the borough – resulting in c1700 young people sharing their views, and the schools getting some great curriculum outcomes iro citizenship etc.

    For me it’s all about the intent, and applying some decent quality thinking to deliver on that intent – including a bit of rigour in terms of noticing, acknowledging, reviewing and learning from our mistakes.

    1. Hi Ian. I’m aware Kirklees have also been doing some very interesting things in this space as well, including tackling obesity in their youth population. I think there are some case studies scattered but they require much digging.

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