1. The Q&A session on Twitter with Sir Bob Kerslake and Francis Maude was very welcome but many questions that they didn’t get around to (understandably given the length of the session) remain unanswered – roughly half of all questions submitted via Twitter. See http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/reform/facebook-twitter#twitter.

    I took the time to engage but without anything coming back I feel like it was a waste of my time and wouldn’t do it again. Engagement needs to be planned and resourced to allow for it to be genuinely two-way, and that includes tidying up the loose ends once the ‘big bang’ is finished. Over a week ago I used the online form on civilservice.gov.uk to chase answers to my questions but have had no response.

    Also, questions were not answered in the order they were submitted. Why? If I’m being cynical I might think that the harder questions were passed over in favour of the easier ones (e.g. Sir Bob replied “I’m backing the Blades!” but who in their right mind would back Coventry?!).

    1. Hi,

      Firstly thank you for your feedback. I have checked where your feedback has got to in the system and it has been referred back to the Policy team for an answer. I appreciate this is a please hold message but wanted to let you know your question has not been ignored or lost.


    2. To address your other point, I’ve just had a quick look back and confirmed that all questions which were submitted on the #asksirbob hashtag between the period of 4pm and 5pm were answered. Questions which were submitted prior to this or after this are the ones which are highlighted on the civilservice.gov.uk. As indicated above, answers for the outstanding questions are being requested.

      If you could point us to the Twitter questions which you feel were unanswered during the period 4-5pm when Sir Bob Kerslake was advertised as available, we would be grateful, as this will ensure that we take measures to ensure we do not miss questions submitted on hashtags in future.

      1. Thanks Louise – good to hear that my questions will get a reply! (Although still no response from civilservice.gov.uk.)

        I submitted questions the day before the session and don’t remember seeing anything to suggest that only those submitted between 4 and 5pm would be responded to – if I had known that I would have waited until 4pm before submitting!

        1. Hi Graham,

          Due to the number of questions which came in during the hour, and also on Facebook, we had to triage somehow. It was felt that due to the fact we had advertised the chat as being between 4pm and 5pm, we should prioritise those questions first. I appreciate this is frustrating. Please let us know if you do not receive a reply to your question via civilservice.gov.uk.

  2. Hi Louise,
    Almost a month later and still no reply from civilservice.gov.uk. Should I email them again or are you able to chase?

  3. Hi Louise,

    My unanswered tweets from 21 June below. Thanks.

    1) How will contestable policy making work in practice? Pitching CS staff against external companies to ‘win the contract’?#asksirbob

    2) Some of the plan applies to all CS, some just to central government. Can the document flag which content is UK-wide?#asksirbob

    3) Plan correctly points out that UKCS serves 3 governments but then refers many times to “THE Government”. Unclear and unhelpful. #asksirbob

    4) “(Depts & DAs) need to…take forward changes that can only be delivered on a CS-wide basis.” What is the DA appetite for this? #asksirbob

    5) Plan shows 27% of CS working in London & SE England but 84% of SCS.#asksirbob Is this a problem? If so, what are we doing about it?

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