1. I second Liz’s comment. Woo and indeed hoo! Great principles, simply put, but fundamentally and powerfully liberating. Thank you!

  1. Great to see such a high-profile document doing a good job of summarising the issues and benefits that so many of us have been discussing and promoting for years. Hopefully this will be a living document, updated regularly to remain current and adaptive to trends.

  2. Excellent work – now part two is to make all the public service units aware of this and help them understand. And the real challenge is in step three – ACTING on it. And TOP 5 “Understand that government cannot do everything alone, or in isolation” is the key to the execution strategy. #da12social

  3. well done. in any bureaucracy adoption of innovation comes down to leadership by people respected in the hierarchy and likely to form the next wave of leaders.

    how many rising policy stars, perm secs, young dep secs, under secs, DD are using social media regularly as part of their jobs? and how can you increase that.

  4. With social media engagement an increasingly important element in good governance for all types of organisation, the fact GDS is leading the way with this initiative puts a significant level of contemporary professionalism into government communication and is to be applauded.

    The guidelines are very practical and well put together, yet simple. It’s impressive how listening and developing networked influence are being addressed. Very many congratulations to the team.

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