1. Hi Rachel

    This sounds very interesting but a long way to go! I would love to meet you to show you how we have done some very innovative work on crime reporting which is being adopted by the NHS in London and the Met police. The system is called Facewatch (see our website http://www.facewatch.co.uk). If you would like to meet up please let me know. My email is simon@facewatch.co.uk.



  2. This is really exiting stuff. There has always been talk about joined-up Government, but no one seemed to be leading this, but GDS is. I think support from department boards will be the key hurdle as change can be a difficult thing to accept. This is a brilliant first step though, and I hope the momentum can be kept up. Beautiful.

  3. Thanks for your comment Marcus. You’re right that Board buy-in and maintaining momentum are fundamental to success. But it’s also something that everyone working in digital, both within Government and outside, can play a part in. Let’s make digital by default / digital first a reality, not another Government programme.

  4. Rachel I am looking for an innovative case study on how NHS is using mobile improve communciation between patients/doctors/professional staff/hospital. I am hosting ThinkDigital, forum on mobile in healthcare on June 13, and would like to showcase the work the NHS is doing in this arena. shireen.crowe@direct-pr.co.uk .

    1. Hi Shireen, I don’t have a suitable case study to hand, but am asking colleagues in the NHS if they can produce something. I’ll get back to you. Rachel

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