1. Just for (boring) clarity, the 2nd January bank holiday can be moved if it needs to be (by Royal Proclamation); that wasn’t needed this year, as the 2nd was a Monday, and the law on bank holidays automatically moves the New Year’s Day holiday to the 3rd if the 1st is a Sunday.

    I’ve written up some interesting discoveries starting from this fix at http://www.dracos.co.uk/scribblings/bad-bank-holidays/ – did Scotland not have the correct New Year’s holiday last year?

  2. Comparing a simple content change to a totally spurious and inaccurate claim of £20,000 for a single line change is a bit disingenuous isn’t it.

  3. Hmm – I doubt a minor change like this would have cost the (so far unattributed) 20K. Also as an aside, “After careful testing and checks” this was put live (so the dev was free as open source, but govt still needed to perform due diligence before merging and putting live).

    If this was outsourced IT, the testing and deployment time would be billed by the hour, the cost of which would lead to much gnashing of teeth. With an internal cost tho, despite the huge advertised salaries for GDS jobs (plugged elsewhere on this site), the real cost of even a very minor change such as this is invisible.

  4. I love the concept…well done gov.uk….hoping to follow in your footsteps here in Ireland

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