1. Well I suppose this is progress. Are there any jobs that I can do working from home? As I care full time for my disabled son, it would be impossible for me to work from anywhere else, what with the complete lack of specialist childcare in my area etc.

  2. An excellent person will, by definition, not got through this ludicrous process (no doubt the first of many insane life-wasting processes that characterise modern UK government).

    It’s a perfect filter, showing exactly who should be on the Golgfricham ‘B’ Ark. As Arthur Dent put it, you’re all bloody useless.

  3. Jeez, do you really need to tell people to run their application through a spell check? They must be really amazing people! And ‘competencies’ are used nearly everywhere, not just in the civil service. If this is the tone of voice you’re taking on the website, I know of many users that will find it extremely patronising.

  4. Hi James, Thanks for this. Not sure I understand the comments above. These are surely just a few pointers to try to help people and to stop them wasting their time. If they don’t need the help, great, but why come on here to complain about the guidance?

    Anyway, I do have a couple of questions.

    1) The developer jobs are at grade 6 and 7 but both have the rather vague “Total package of up to £73,000 per annum” which presumably isn’t true for both grades, or is it? Is it possible to get more specific information on pay?

    2) A lot of the “essential” and “desirable” skills seem to be more to do with management than development and these seem, if not directly at odds with the job description, at least unnecessary. How much managerial experience is necessary for these roles? And if not specifically required, why the heavy weighting on these skills?


  5. Hello

    Thanks for the comments and questions. Some of the feedback we got suggested that people found the application process a little onerous or unusual (especially for software developer roles) so we are trying to be helpful by clarifying the application process as much as we can, and providing some practical reminders for the things that even great applicants sometimes overlook at the last minute (e.g. final run through with the spell checker).

    stukershaw – unfortunately we don’t have any roles open for people to work from home – we’re based in central London, and we need people who are able to come into the office most days. Some of our staff do work from home occasionally, but it’s predominantly office-based.

    Chris – the grade we’re recruiting for is actually called Band A – we’re part of the Cabinet Office, which doesn’t have separate Grade 6 and Grade 7 jobs, just a single Band A. The roles are, however, being advertised at the moment as both Grade 6 and Grade 7 because of a technical problem with the central civil service jobs website. It doesn’t matter whether you apply for the Grade 6 or the Grade 7 role – they’re both the same. The financial value of the package is calculated as base salary + employer’s contribution towards civil service pension scheme.

    Finally, on the “desirable” vs “essential” competencies – we don’t require managerial experience, but we do want people who can work as part of an agile team. This means we want developers who can interact confidently with end users and non-technical colleagues, as well as being really great software developers, hence some of the less obvious competencies that are listed.

    Hope that helps. If you’ve got any more questions, please let us know in the comments.

    Etienne Pollard
    Deputy Director, GDS Business Proposition

  6. So ‘total package’ includes pension contributions?

    Very naughty, even the private sector wouldn’t advertise a job in such a way. Puts me off straight away…

  7. What do you do when your application has been acknowledged, you’ve done and been graded for the online test but when you chase the application 6 weeks later you are told you’re not showing on file.
    It’s just so disheartening it’s shattering.
    The jobs now been filled and I didn’t event get a sift or interview or not – just a we have no record of your application even though I sent the evidence.
    So don’t tell me the system is being far and open

      1. Thanks. I have contacted the Home Office site link but they just say I’m not on file even with a screen print.
        Really weird and disheartening
        Is there someone higher up to complain to

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