Month: January 2012

What does “Google is the homepage” mean IRL?

Back in April last year the team talked about Google being the homepage*:

“Since for the vast majority of people their web journeys (finding out the date of the next bank-holiday, or reporting a lost passport) start with a search engine rather than a direct visit we should think of Google as the homepage and we should also feed Google, Bing and other search engines nice friendly urls.”
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User testing accessibility

My name is Joshua Marshall, and I’m a front-end developer and the Accessibility Lead for the team working on the beta of GOV.UK.

Most of my focus has been on making sure that both the public facing website and the internal tools we’re building to support the site are as accessible and usable as we can make them. Now that we’re well into the development of the GOV.UK project I wanted to give an update on the work we’ve been doing.
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