Month: November 2011

e-petitions: the first 100 days

Last Saturday marked 100 days since the new e-petitions service was launched by GDS and the Office of the Leader of the House of Commons. The service continues to be incredibly popular –on average 18 people have signed an e-petition every minute since the service started.

e-petitions also maintains a very high social and mainstream media profile, with significant television and press coverage, especially when a petition nears or reaches the 100,000 signatures threshold required to trigger a debate in Parliament.
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Mobile’s role in bridging the digital divide

This is a guest post from the GDS mobile team:

The GDS mobile team made a trip to Chiswick last week to OpenMarket, providers of our SMS delivery platform and shortcode number, to find out a bit more about how we could be making better use of SMS technology.

Whilst you might assume that the role of SMS in the digital world is dwindling, it’s important to remember that only 74% of adults have access to broadband at home, compared to 91% of adults who have a mobile phone. In the UK, 129 billion text messages were sent last year, that’s risen by 2000% over the past decade. You can read the full report on the Ofcom website.

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PM launches Tech City mobile app

This is a guest post from Alice Newton from the Innovation Team at GDS, Cabinet Office

This morning David Cameron went to East London to mark a year of government support for Tech City, a cluster of tech, digital and creative companies that has developed out of Old Street and Shoreditch and is growing at an astounding rate. With over 600 companies, it’s hard to do justice to them all – but some you might have heard of include Moshi Monsters, Moo, Songkick and Tweetdeck.
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SMEs – we need to talk

The following is a post from Chris Chant, Executive Director in the Cabinet Office working as Programme Director for the G-Cloud initiative.

I said in my last blog post that the government is changing the way we buy and use IT. We have trained our suppliers and ourselves to think that we need big, complex solutions to complicated problems; which has meant that all too often it’s only the big, complex suppliers that get a look in.
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Establishing trust in digital services

Monday was a big day for the Identity Assurance Programme. The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, explained to a packed Technology Strategy Board event why a federated identity assurance model is essential for the ‘digital by default’ initiative and how important this digital policy is, not just for public services but for the wider economy.
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